Rhinoceros Daily Drink Specials


Daily specials




SILO SUNDAYS: Grab yourself a 32 oz. can of the High Life for 4 bucks!  You can even class it up with a brown bag.  

ESPOLÒN TEQUILLA: $3.25 singles, or $6.50 doubles.

FREE POOL AND SHUFFLEBOARD ALL DAY LONG: Don't be selfish and remember to share. 



CHEAP ASS PABST!: Pitchers of Pabst are only $8, and $2.50 a glass. 

OODLES OF BOODLES GIN: Singles are $3.25, or you can double the juniper juice for $6.50.



TASTER TUESDAY:    Explore some new horizons with 7 ounce pours of any draft for 2 bucks! Can only order each beer once.

TITO'S TUESDAY: Get your vodka fix with $3.25 singles, and a mere $6.50 for doubles.

rainier and pendelton bottle.JPG

pounder Wednesday: 

Snag yourself an ice cold 16 ounce pounder of Vitamin "R" for only $2.50. That golden nectar never tasted so refreshing!

WHISKEY WEDNESDAY: Put down some Pendleton whiskey, and get over the hump of the week. Singles are rolling out for $3.25.


Treasure State Thursday:

Enjoy the taste of the "Big Sky" state.  All Montana made booze and beer is 50 cents off!